Ryan Tabora Profile Picture

Hey there!

My name is Ryan Tabora. I'm a zombie loving head banging code monkey. I have a strong passion for everything technology, be it nano-circuitry, video games, shiny gadgets, or programming languages. As long as there is something challenging and new to learn I am always interested.

In 2011, I graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to San Francisco to work at Accenture's research and development group, the Technology Labs. I spent my time exploring and using Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr, and many other cutting edge technologies while working on a high profile project at NetApp, one of the largest data storage vendors in the world. I currently work for the big data consulting firm Think Big Analytics where I hope to learn even more about new technologies and how we can use it create interesting applications that solve real problems.

Whenever I find time (haha ...) I'll be using this website to improve my web development skills, perhaps to post some random images of Arnie, or link you to the most brutal audio I've been listening to.

Thank you for stopping by.